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June 28, 2022

Celebrating 50 years of JB Coad Opticians

This July will celebrate 50 years of JB Coad Opticians.

To celebrate we have teamed up with Zeiss to offer a special promotion.

From 1st July to 30th September we are offering 50% off all Zeiss Smartlife Individual lenses, when you purchase a new frame.

Our eyes have never been busier.

Smart watches, smart phones, smart cars, smart homes. Smart technology is an integral part of our daily lives. It gives us the freedom to be flexible and more mobile than ever – we can work, socialise, play and connect wherever we are and whenever we want.

Did you know 57% of the world’s population is now connected to the internet. As now more than 1/2 of the world’s population carries a portable digital device, the average person spends 3 Hours 14 minutes per day on their smartphone.

In today’s world, being connected and on the move is the new normal.

Constant switching between a digital device and the world around us has changed our visual behaviour. As well as this increasing visual demand on our eyes, our visual needs evolve as we grow older.

ZEISS SmartLife lenses are designed to take the dynamic visual behaviour related to modern life, as well as your age-related visual needs into account, to provide you with all-day clear and comfortable vision to balance your connected, on-the-move lifestyle.